Basemaps and Map Themes

The Map Themes panel provides options to select a basemap layer and additional map themes to overlay on the basemap. Available basemaps and map themes are determined by the municipality.

The Map Theme sidebar can be viewed by clicking the Layers Icon on the right.


Basemap themes can be chosen at the top of the Map Themes Sidebar. Basemaps are provided by Google. A basemap is different than a map theme because while basemaps show basic information about a region, such as roads, parcels, and water bodies, map themes are optional layers displaying specific information on top of the basemap, such as conserved lands or hurricane flood zones.

Custom Map Themes

Themes are displayed in groupings of related layers. To collapse or display a theme group, click its Main Title or the grey carrot on the right.

To turn themes on and off, click the grey toggle next to each theme to display or hide it. Click and drag the white slider underneath each theme to adjust its transparency: the left-most position is 100% transparent, while the right-most position is 100% opaque. To toggle the display of the legend, click the blue switches icon next to the theme toggle icon.

To hide the Map Theme sidebar, click the grey arrow in the top right corner.