I’ve lost myself exploring all the map layers! How do I get back?

Click the icon that looks like a brochure underneath the Google Streetview person, and your map view will be recentered on the original community.

The map is displaying the wrong information for my house/parcel. Who should I report this to?

The parcel data on MapGeo is provided by the municipality. To report misinformation or a data error, please contact the person listed under the “Contact Information” of the MapGeo site.

Make sure that in your browser settings, pop-ups are allowed for your MapGeo site. If you notice an “x” at the top of your browser when you try to create your printable map, click the “x” and change your browser settings to “Always allow pop-ups from“ Exact steps are browser specific and the screenshot below shows what this looks like in Google Chrome:

I can’t find the address or person I am looking for. What should I do?

Change your search criteria. For example, if you are searching for “Ash Road”, just enter “Ash” or “Ash R” to get more results. If you search for “Road” but the address is saved as “Rd”, results will not be populated.

Why don’t certain layers display on the map when I’m zoomed in?

Certain layers only display at certain extents because of the way the data was set up. To see the layer, try zooming out a few extents. If this is causing major issues for your workflow, let us know via the Feedback button.

Why can’t I save my downloaded mailing labels to a new location?

Because the PDF is downloaded from the internet, you might have to change your ‘Save As’ settings in Adobe Reader and uncheck ‘Save optimizes for fast web view’.

Why is the scale at which I want to print my map different than what I’m seeing on screen?

The printable map maintains the same zoom level and scale as the interactive map at the time of generating the printable map. Therefore, if you are using a large monitor and browser window, you may need to pan your map to center the portion of the map you wish to be printed so that it is included in the printable map.

Why can’t I print a specific timestamp of an animated/torque map layer?

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable because it is currently not supported by Carto, where the map layers are hosted.