The abutters tool allows a user to select all items within a custom radius around a selected item. This tool is a valuable function for property owners to communicate with their neighbors and the town government about a property and its neighbors.

Find Abutters

To use the Abutters Tool, select an item(s), then specify the desired radial distance in feet in the Distance (ft) bar. Next, click Find. This will generate a list of abutting items.

Abutters on the map will be highlighted in red around the selected item(s), with a purple polygon showing the specified radial distance.

Editing Abutters

To remove abutted items, click the small x next to the right hand side of the results list or click the item highlighted in red on the map. To add additional abutters, that were not selected initially, click them on the map.

Downloading Abutters

Once you are satisfied with your list of abutters, you can download the list as a CSV, as mailing labels, or as an Abutters Report by clicking the Download button.

Abutters Report and Mailing Labels

An abutters report (above) can be brought to your municipality’s Town Hall to be certified. Mailing labels (below) can be printed on standard Avery 5160 formatted paper.